Technology is constantly changing, nowhere more so than within the telecommunications space.

In the past, choosing a telephone system was no more complicated than deciding on the number of telephones you needed and what colour they should be.

Today, with the rapid growth of the internet and the ability to run telephone calls across it, there are many more options.

We’ve been with BlueSky since 2015. We outlined our requirements and they delivered the perfect solution. We’ve not had to think about our network since then. Highly recommended!

Neil Mason

We own and operate a National Enterprise Voice network that is hosted in secure Data Centres across Australia.

We pride ourselves in offering multi level redundancy with multiple upstream carriers.

Cloud-based telephony solutions now offer the opportunity to craft a more sophisticated solution, at a much lower price, which delivers a richer and deeper feature set.

Helping Australian businesses identify best of breed network and data solutions.

There is now so much more available to the end user – voice mail, call forwarding, conference calling, video calling, call reporting, the list goes on.

To navigate this complex landscape, and identify what is best suited to your requirement, you need to work with a company that understands what is possible as well as understanding what you are trying to achieve – and that is where BlueSky comes in.