About BlueSky

Founded in 2013, BlueSky is a national telecommunications and network solution provider that designs, delivers and manages industry leading communication solutions.

Our solutions are designed in consultation with you. We make technology and connectivity easy to understand and simple to manage.

Fantastic service! A highly reliable team of salesmen and technicians. Never dealt with a better telco. Highly recommend.

Michael Hartwell

Why trust BlueSky to design
& build your solutions?

With a pedigree in voice and data solutions BlueSky prides itself on delivering best practise solutions customised, to meet and often exceed, your expectations. We simplify the complexities associated with telephony and connectivity, and through collaboration, we focus on what it is you want to achieve.

Being technology and hardware agnostic means BlueSky crafts “best of breed” solutions, whilst working to meet budgetary goals and delivering robust reliable networks.

Our dedicated team have a wealth of knowledge and a diverse range of experiences within the IT and Telecommunications industries.

We also have an enduring passion for technology and connectivity, and when combined together, we are able to craft solutions that ensure our clients are able to work smarter, not harder.