Enterprise Communications, Simplified for Business

Corporate Grade SIP Lines

You’ve got the bandwidth, you’ve got a system but you want to take advantage of the next advancement in voice technology and the cost security it gives without having to change your system or your internet?

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Plug and play, set and forget!

A powerful and yet simple IP Phone system package. Subscription based flexibility includes maintenance and support minus the hassle of a complicated configuration.
SkyPhone is the perfect solution for a business ranging from a home office to a ten person small business.

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Hosted Unified Comms Solution

blueSkyIPTel is our Hosted Unified Communications Solution, with full scalability and enterprise features. Without the complexity and restricitons traditionally experienced from the major telco carriers.
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How are we different from other providers?

Simple to Use

Our solutions are flexible and mobile. Its never been easier to add features or relocate your phone system.

Simple to Understand

We remove the complexity that is traditionally associated with real time communications, data networks and VoIP.

not restricted to one Network

Our Wholesale partnerships with Australia’s 3 biggest network, our solutions is the most fitting with no bias to any single network.

supported by a provider that cares

We care about the outcomes you receive from our solutions, and not just the number of licences we sell. We also believe that this solution needs to be able to handle wherever your business goes in the future.

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